Parent Co-operation

Padmawati Sr. Sec School

Parent Co-operation

Home is indeed a crucial place where a child's character begins to take shape, and the school plays a significant role in nurturing the child's personality to its fullest potential. To foster the development of innate qualities in children, maximum cooperation between parents and school authorities is essential.

Parents have a vital role in instilling in their child respect for and obedience to school rules. They should ensure that the assigned work for the next day is completed and emphasize the importance of cleanliness in their child's work. It is important for parents to regularly check the child's diary for any remarks by the teacher and sign it accordingly.

Habitual absence of the child should be discouraged, and parents must inform the school in advance in case of leave. If a child is unwell, it is crucial not to send them to school. Parents should encourage their child to develop the habit of working independently and taking responsibility for their own learning.

Criticism of teachers or school authorities should be avoided in front of the child, as it may negatively impact their perception of the school and the learning environment. Giving presents to staff members is not allowed, as it can create an imbalanced relationship.

Parents should actively encourage their child to cultivate good habits such as punctuality, cleanliness, and respect. It is important to promptly inform the school about any changes in address or telephone number to ensure effective communication.

For the safety and security of the child, any person other than the parent coming to pick up the child must bring an authorized letter from the parents, verifying their identity.

Private tuition, especially from school teachers, is strongly discouraged, as it may lead to an imbalance in the learning environment and affect the child's overall development.

Regular attendance at parent-teacher meetings, usually held on the second Saturday, is highly encouraged. These meetings provide a valuable opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss the child's progress and address any concerns.

Please note that birthday celebrations are not allowed in the school. However, if parents wish to bring a packet of sweets, it can be done without any elaborate celebration.

By following these guidelines, we can create a harmonious and supportive partnership between parents and the school, ensuring the holistic growth and development of our students.